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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

I'm moving

I wasn't going to at 1st, I've been writing on here for awhile now, and have met a lot of really great people. But, after signing up at Myspace, it didn't take long before the Myspace blog, with all of it's really cool features, had seduced me.

I'll keep this blog up though, and I'll be checking up with all of my favorite bloggers out there whenever I can.


Sunday, January 22, 2006

Taming the Beast

The Big D decided to school me on how to drive a standard. Yes folks, I never did get around to learning how to drive a standard. I also never had the desire to learn how to drive one either.

If I'm going to be paying many thousands of bucks on a vehicle, it sure as hell better be able to shift it's own gears...

So because someone has to take the siliconed beast out for a spin once in awhile after he leaves, and beings that I'm his wife and all, I get to be the one who shoulders that responsibility.
So.... Of we went to some Nazi era industrial park where I hopped into the drivers seat and as David speed fired instructions at me, I made my first attempt at getting the beast rolling.

But, not a whole lot happened....

So,I made another attempt, and another, and then another...

It looked to me that there was something wrong with the beast, because it kept lurching forward with a huge jerk, and then it'd stall out...

Finally, I had enough: between not being able to get from point A to point B, and the fact that we'd both be needing a neck brace soon, I got out, slammed the door and said "Fuck this. You can drive it right to the wrecking yard."

The drama of the moment was heightened when I saw David frantically reaching for the emergency brake to keep it from rolling down the street. (Yeah, I'd forgoten... Putting the shifter into nuetral isn't the same as puttiing an automatic into park)

Anyways, after a lot of patience on David's part and a lot of bitching and moaning on my part... I can now drive the beastly vehicle.
* * *
My classes start tomorrow, so I won't be around a whole lot, until the semester wraps up.

Pics of Dexter and D.D. will be posted soon.

I haven't smoked in 3 weeks. I think I'm gonna start taking pictures of the crap that's coming out of me to scare my kids out of smoking.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

This is who I WAS going to marry...

Before there was David, and waaaaay before there was Marilyn Manson, there was
Nivek Ogre.

And even though I'm no longer 17 years old, and David's the love of my life. I'd still sling shot my thong at him during a concert.
Ladies, quit licking the monitor!

Friday, January 13, 2006

The Training of Little Grasshopper

Not everyone agrees that kids should be taught to stand up for themselves from day one. And not everyone agrees that I have told both of my kids that if anyone ever hits them, they are to hit them back even harder.

Now, I don't encourage going around starting fights, but I fully support self defense. The world's a tough place..

Anyhow, I guess Garrett lost some of what I meant during our talk about defending ourselves....

According to his teacher, she was working with a reading group, and heard a commotion, she looked up to see that Garrett was straddled over another kid and punching the crap out of him.

After pulling him off and getting them both calmed down she found out what was going on.

I guess the other kid was singing, and Garrett didn't like it so he asked him to stop. So, the kid started singing even louder. Garrett got pissed and moved to a different table, but he could still hear the kid singing. So, that's when he decided to take action and knock him out of his chair and start beating him up.

According to Garrett he was standing up for himself because the other kid didn't listen to him.

Well, we had a pretty long talk after we got home, and I think he'll be able to handle annoying people better the next time around.

But when he wasn't within hearing distance, I had to laugh... I mean seriously, how many times have we all wanted to just rip someone from their chair and start beating on them? I know I have, especially with various past coworkers and stuff.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Winning at Quiting

So far, I'm doing pretty good about not smoking. The 1st week wasn't too bad, then shortly afterwards things got difficult.

According to the research I've done, my body is repairing the damage that smoking did to it.

Last night was really difficult, I had a lot of tightness/congestion in my chest, so I propped my upper body up on pillows to help relieve that.

But then my calves started hurting, the dreaded charley horse, brought on by my circulation starting to improve. So, it was back to the linen closet for more pillows to prop my legs up on.

Well, this laying in a "V" position was just not working. Finally I decided to just keep only my legs elevated and sleep facing a humidifier, which I placed on the end table by the bed, so I'd have moist air blowing through my breathing passages, hopefully loosening up all that gunk that's accumulated in me.

Big D's doing great with his quit too. This time I got him to use those nicotine lozenges. During his other quits, he always insisted on going cold turkey so he could impress me with how much mental power he has... Acting like a dick would be an understatement, for those cold turkey runs. Deranged psycho path doesn't even come close. It was just ughhhhh... In the end I'd be practically begging him to take a dip. But now with these lozenges he's doing really good and I don't have to consider putting him in a cage of somesort until his addiction is over.

Anyways, I haven't really written because most of my focus has been on smoking cessation, so I've been spending a lot of time at quitnet. (I'm misfit100 there) And since I like to keep my blog heavy on the FUN, I don't want to fill it up with daily rants and whines about caving in, or any of that crap.

Oh! I just remembered something I've sooo got to write about. Ok, let me post this and I'll make one more entry before I go to bed.

Friday, January 06, 2006

I'm here!

For those of you who have been wondering, "Where did JueDee C. go?". Here I am!

New Years was a nice, quiet evening spent here at home. I decided to let my hair down and get rip roaring drunk off of Mimosas. Once the Champagne ran out, I polished off the rest of the eggnog and vanilla rum. Then I experimented with other drink combos. (Note to self, never mix Jim Beam with O.J. again-yuck!)

Since I don't drink a whole lot anymore, I figured I might as well go all the way with it. When you have a lot of issues in your life, it's not a good idea to drink heavily since getting drunk has a tendency to send the door of your emotional closet flying wide open, sending skeletons scattering in all directions. But, it was a good night and I was a happy drunk throughout all of it.

Big D was also a few sheets to the wind by the time 2006 arrived, and he almost missed getting to toast it in with me. For some reason, he decided to take a shower at 11:45, crazy guy!

So yeah, even though we stayed home, it was a good New Years. We let the kids stay up and play Xbox for as long as they wanted to, and so they both slept in nice and late.

Once my hangover wore off, I polished off the rest of my cigarettes, slapped on a nic patch and have thus far, gone without smoking. Hurray! It's always been hard for me to quit, but throughout the past few years, I've gotten better at it, and have been able to go for longer stretches without smoking. So, hopefully this time I'll finally be able to quit for good.

So far, I've spent a lot of time sleeping through my withdrawl and gnawing on cinnamon sticks, which are extremely comforting to me, and they satisfy my oral fixation needs nicely.

Big D's also decided to jump on the quitting tobacco wagon with me, and on the 2nd he finished his last can of dip and started using the lozenges. So far he's doing really good, and I'm so proud of him!

Anyways, that was my New Years.

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

4 feet is a lot of man to blow

Here in the world of Boys, Buns and Fun, we had ourselves a really great Christmas.

David and I spent a good portion of Christmas Eve taking turns blowing up a 4 foot punching bag for the kids. It took FOREVER. It could have been worse though, if we didn't have an air pump. Ours is this dinky little hand pump that we got for filling up small objects like basketballs and such, so our biceps were screaming by the time we finished filling him up.

Here's the 4 Feet of Punching Bag

We decided to take credit for the "big" gift, instead of giving the credit to Santa. So we're both on super cool status with the boys, since we got them an Xbox.
After unwrapping it, and the 3 games we got them, it was immediately hooked up to their playroom t.v. and we haven't seen either of them since.

This is the last time I saw my children

Ok, not really... Every few hours I go in there and force them both over to the table for a meal.

Christmas dinner was goooood. David fried us a turkey and I made tons of side dishes. Most notably, a sweet potato souffle that is just heavenly. I'll have to post the recipe for it some time.

Anyhow, I hope everyone had a great Christmas!